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I have loved show and tell since kindergarten and was very exciting when I could use the Internet to share cool stuff and show people what he did. I live in Victoria, British Columbia on the rainy west coast of Canada. I loves to cook, sculpt, take photographs and (of course) write. By profession, I am a web developer who has shifted from doing web designs for local businesses to building products from our company, Those DeWolfes Creative.

Over the years, my writing has evolved. I had a stint of publishing gaming material. But I have published on a variety of topics

Thanks to a technical hitch, some earlier fiction has been lost and that's something I'm almost thankful for. That early stuff was REALLY bad. In recent years I have turned my attentions to non-fiction. I've been published by the Globe And Mail and other publications.

Some of my earlier fiction is available here on the site. Most of these files are zipped. They are all stored as Word files (ver. 5.0 through '97). Though none were written on WordPerfect (implied malice inserted here), I was forced to use their software for much of the editing. (Hey, even WordPerfect helped out at times by adding in new tabs and margins on its own-- it helped me to use 40 hours of leisure time that would have otherwise gone to improving my quality of life) I used the Word format because it is a very standardized and recognized format.

I welcome comments and suggestions. The work available for downloads are what could be considered first drafts of my work. I suffer from the problem that I cannot edit my own work-- I tend to jump over the rough parts, because I, as the author, know what I was meaning. Should anyone out there wish to help me by offering editing suggestions, please, please, PLEASE feel free to do so. If someone wants to step-up to edit any of my works and I submit and publish that edited copy, I will share with them whatever proceeds I gain from their efforts to improve my efforts.

Along similar lines, if you wish to discuss world building for fantasy and science fiction settings, I would be very interested. I consider myself strong in setting up environments, plotting and in dialogue. Is these the parts of the creative process where you need a boost?

Also, should there be any editors out there wishing to work with me, please contact me via email. I am very willing to discuss the matter.

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Scavenger of the Battle is a tale of a war in humanity's future.
But, the aliens that the rank and file of humanity fear are not the
enemy but the Earth government.

Garth Breen is a salvage operator. His task is to travel to the turnover points between star systems and retrieve the debris from old battles. His life is changed forever when comes across a perfectly intact human ship among the wreckage. Inside, he discovers that it's been altered for use by aliens.

Taken prisoner and taken back to a prisoner of war camp, he meets up with Liman Nonomy, a citizen of the Earth colony around Alpha Centauri. They escape and make a run for Earth. Held in their care is a dangerous secret, a secret that will spark rebellion throughout humanity and trace a bloody new path for the world of humanity and for the aliens they call their enemy.

Scavenger of the Battle was the first novel I wrote. Written sporatically from 1986 to 1990, then edited heavily in 1996; it was a parable of wars people have forgotten about in our world today. After taking it to several publishers, I shelved the manuscript and promised to get back to it. In the summer of 1996, I did just that.

The novel is hard SF. People spend decades travelling from star system to star system. Interplanetary travel is almost unheard of. The aliens are not men in rubber suits. I enjoyed the constraints of a hard SF universe and the opportunities it gave the course of my story. Breen and Nonomy had to confront a "Rip Van Winkle" effect as enthralling and taxing as anything a flesh-and-blood nemesis could muster.

THE RENEGADES - SPACE OPERA - 65,000 words - ZIP file

Alnus Semeta was one of millions of soldiers used by the Imperium for their myriad of wars. A conscript, cannon fodder. His mind was reprogrammed so that he would serve the Emperor with an absolute fervor. One day, that programming broke. What followed was a careful crafting of ascension through the ranks, gile and conspiracy. He and his renegades break away from the Imperial control and begin to wage war against their controllers. Semeta and his band form alliances with aliens and psychics. Over a long campaign, Semeta and his renegades grow to challenge the Empire and the Emperor himself.

But power has its pitfalls. Semeta has to tread carefully to avoid the traps that power brings. The Renegades is a much a tale of combat and adventure as it is a story of power does to people and what they're willing to endure to gain control.

The Renegades is story drawn a friend's idea for a story. He sat down and laid out an elaborate tale of space marines and the usurping of their Emperor. The original incarnation of this tale began as that and has since evolved to the be so much more. In the end, the seed of his idea and the last paragraphs are all that remained. It's solidly space opera, a neccessary backdrop to tell a tale of what people do when in power and how people grow from simple ideas (revenge, liberty, etc.) to the complex (revolution, new order and the like).

I wrote it from 1989 to 1993. An odd period in my life. By making the book episodic, it began a trend of mine to 'build' books. The flow of the book follows a linear temporal progression but I wrote chunks that related to each other, separate from this linear idea. If most of novel writing is a talent like tailoring-- you conceptualize, you cut the cloth and sew it together and, in the end, you hope none of the seams are showing. This task was far more like sculpting: after conceptualization you try to work and form the pieces of clay until they arrive at a finished state. You start with the base-- not just the base of the front but the base of the sides and the rear too. Then you work up from there. In the end you have a piece of work or a pile of mud. I hope, after reading The Renegades, you discover the former. My impetus at the end of this wasn't so much to finish this book, but it was to finish it so I could get onto writing Ragnarok with a clear conscience...


A story about the twilight of the Western world. Depicted in the years between 1997 and the turn of the millenium, it follows Larry Davis, an opressed theatre usher. Through anecdotal events of himself and his friends the end our way of life is traced out. The downfall in our society doesn't come in a massive lunge, but in little faltering steps. It's a story of one man's growth in the face of such adversity.

This was my most recent completed work and my one that hits close to home. It was written from 1992 to 1995. In one way, it was my impetus for finishing The Renegades-- an eagerness to jump into this wholeheartedly. I wanted to write a cautionary tale to our people, the inheritors of the Viking and the Roman and the British ideologies. Though the coming years will not mean the end of mankind, they will mean the end Westerner's control over the remainder of the world. And with every revolution, those who grew fat off of their spoils, will not be able to wallow away the disaster that their inheritors bring. Just as the Byzantines fell before the dynamic Ottomans and the Incas fell before the Spaniards, I feel we will fall before other cultures. And so be it. I do not intend to condemn future generations, I just wish to call out to our people that this wave is coming. My own artistic attempt at disaster planning.


THE CELLPHONE - Seinfeld Script - 22 min. PDF file

The TV Guide synopsis? George buys a cellphone and then promptly loses it, dragging Jerry and the gang into a zany search for it.

It's a spec script. The first of many I hope to write. I've been told that an inventory of scripts in handy for breaking into Hollywood-- a way to show an agent or a producer that a) you can write a whole script; and b) what one of your scripts is like. I've intended to write other scripts for other show to build up an inventory. But to date, have not...

THE BAD SAMARITAN - Screenplay - 109 min. ZIP file

The Pitch? Just as one great man can be ruined by a dark act. One horrible man is uplifted by a great act. People who have read this like it. Let me know what you think!

The original goal of this one was: Let's write a cheap/easy to shoot movie. Well, my collaborator and I diverged on our final wishes. What he has is increasingly different from this one. Add to that the fact I have a strong visual idea of what I want this to look like. So, I wrote a shooting script: direction. angles, pans, the whole ball of wax. It was how I wrote it.

Comic Book Scripts

HYPERINVENTION - Comic script - 8 pages ZIP file

A tale of one lowly janitor and an experimental marrying nanotechnology and artificial intelligence running amok. Short (hopefully funny) and clean. I think the lack of breasts and bombs is what doomed this story when I sent it into the comic companies.

THREE SWINE AND THE APOCOLYPSE - Comic script - 3 pages ZIP file
This a retelling of "The Three Little Pigs" put to a post apocolyptic theme. It's short, sick and none of the comic book companies have bit onto it yet. I plan on putting the story into a 'zine and/or using Flash to animate this tale.

Short Stories

SPACE RACE - 1600 words PDF document

What if the Space Race began a few years earlier prompted by a message from an alien civilization...?

THE NECCESSITY OF MASKS - 1600 words Word document

People put on masks and assume roles and parts at a masquerade party.

I wrote this one for my English class. Got a B+, so I'm not too ashamed to post it here.

Pay The Monkey To Dance

I used to write full time. Now I do it with less frequency, but I still do write. My subject matter includes fiction (literary, sci-fi, horror) and non-fiction (cooking, IT and society). My rates are available upon request and I usually factor in deadline and project size. Expect a little back and forth in speccing the project. I've found that the time savings from proper planning to be incredible.

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