Throne of Nerds
What happens when nerds take their keyboards and beat them into the shape of a throne? Well, something like this. It's a throne made out of keyboards.

Sushi Christmas Ornaments
I made up some sushi Christmas ornaments for the sushi fanatic out there. Salmon nigiri and tamago nigiri.

Select pieces on my work:

Alien Trophy
Put a Gray on your wall!

Tentacle Sculpture I
This artwork wants to lift itself off of the wall and get away.

Tentacle Sculpture II
Like its counterpart, this artwork wants to lift itself off of the wall and get away.

The Apocalypse Hummer
Don't leave me in the toy section of a thrift store. That's all I'm saying.

Cthulhu embyros in jars
I have put these jars up for sale at Cherry Bomb Toys in Victoria. Older works are available for sale at the Sideshow Boutique. They're made with sculpey and latex.

My December Commission

A zombie gnome with a hankering for forearm. I had to keep him under wraps until he arrived at the recipients place on her birthday.

Cthulhu For Sale

I have my sculpture of Cthulhu ready for sale. The stars are right for you to own the big Daddy of the Cthulhu mythos.

Cthulhu Has Risen

Cthulhu is ready! The project I began in April of 2007 is done. It started as an innovated way to use items destined for the garbage or the recycling bin. It morphed into an incredible use of Great Stuff foam; then an ill-advised amount of fiberglass. Put some rocks and mortar into the mix and voila! The Cthulhu water fountain is ready.

Fiberglass Wings - All Hail Cthulhu

I got word of a Cthulhu/HP Lovecraft themed live event in Victoria (HPL's Birthday: Solstice Cafe on August 20th). So I naturally made massive Cthulhu wings

Zombie Lawn Ornaments

I don't like lawn ornaments and zombies scare me, so I thought this was a good fit.

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