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Sharp's Solar Energy Solutions Group has introduced the SunSnap AC Solution, a photo- voltatic cell that's ready to go on the retail market. It's a solar electric appliance designed to expand and simplify the mainstream adoption and use of solar energy for homeowners. It ships with a 25-year guarantee. Under full sunlight, it's supposed to generate 235 watts of power. If your Sunsnap fails in the next 25 years, Sharp guarantees it will make it right.
Teleportation should be easy. It should be as hard as crossing a room or re-aiming a flashlight. In short, teleportation is moving from one place to another without taking the traditional amount of time and without travelling in the traditional way through our three dimensions. Blink: you’re somewhere else. In a three dimensional world, this seems patently impossible. With solely three dimensions, you can stretch space but you can’t ignore it. There’s good news for the teleportation wannabes. You’re not locked into three dimensions.
When I was a kid, the coolest thing under the tree was a set of walkie-talkies. A friend and I could disappear into the wilderness, fire up the walkie-talkies and chat away over the scatchy radio system. This obsession was part of a national thing. On the road, there was CB radio (insert mental images of 8 year old me drooling over the Radio Shack catalog and those awesome 40 channel CB radios)! People were not tethered to the phone system. Truckers could warn you about what lay over the next hill. That was life in 1976.
The days of wampum are over. The roller coaster of the last 65 years should be telling us that we're on the wrong ride. Currency grew out of the need to make goods and services portable. You didn’t need to carry the side of beef from the farm around with you to pay for debts, you sold it to the butcher who gave you some silver and let you walk away with currency. Gold and silver are comparatively rare, so attaching scarcity and value to the minerals meant that you abstract the value of items but keep it consistent.
In my life I have met zero Maori tribesmen. Should I discount the Maori as a hoax? Sure, they've appeared on TV and in fictional works like The Piano. But really, they may have been faked. They could be people from South Asia paraded around to build the illusion. Maori sightings could just be Tahitians. It's easy to explain away the Maori Hoax for what it is. Oh wait. Everyone accepts that the Maori are real even though most people have never met one, seen one or heard about them.

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Longevity is a curse. Our lifespan has increased dramatically as a key benefit of civilization. The Tomb of the Eagles on Orkney, off the north coast of Scotland, produced the remains of 342 people. The most common age of death was early adulthood, between fifteen and thirty. Only 1.5% of people were over 40, and very few lived to reach the age of 50. Our longevity has hockey sticked in the last century. We’re saving children from an untimely demise and we’re keeping the old alive longer.
Victoria is the traffic crippling capital of Canada. If you go to a council meeting in the City of Victoria, many of the petitioners come to complain about traffic on their street and they come to ask for some crippling to be put into place in their backyard: barriers, speed limit signs, no-parking, bike lanes, et cetera. The city councilors want to look proactive, so they are open to crippling; and will often endorse and approve of such plans. The City staff is always eager to get the cement mixers pouring, so crippling is a welcome melody.
When I started Those DeWolfes Creative, I had a vision, some goals and a history.
I contributed a story to Third Party Eyes anthology. My story takes place in a world that I think we're inevitably heading towards.
Lots of hand-wringing going on about rapid transit and how to move people around the CRD. The $4-million report suggested LRT. It's likely going to be a painful prospect and we will opt for the much cheaper "rapid transit" along the Douglas corridor. We should all just work from home.

My Life In Episode Form

Things started a while before the main event-- even the preamble to the main event.
In Tim I have a best friend, but I think his ankle and I are in some peculiar grudge match. Tim and I are still good friends. But I am sure that his ankle would spike my drink with arsenic if only the ankle could convince the foot or a hand to provide some aid.
I opened the fridge and discovered that the freezer was encased in ice. There I sat with melting groceries and all of the space was taken up by kitchen tundra. So, I decided to chip the ice away. Because I was in a rush, a sissy spatula or lame-ass butter knife would not do the trick. I pulled out a big angry kitchen knife and chipped away. Chip, chunk, chip!
Harken back the end of 1976: Village People were hot, Welcome Back Kotter wasn't a punchline and my immediate family had been a family for the longest time it had been in the 70s: seven months. I was eight. I could figure out how often my father had left by taking my age and subtracting one (8-1 = 7). My dad returned in March of that year, yanked us from Victoria to Hamilton Ontario. Then six weeks later, we drove back to BC, to Nanaimo. We moved twice when in Nanaimo. First to a livable apartment complex, then a farmhouse south of Nanaimo.

Battle of the Bulge

Years back, we used to go to the mall for sport. We would grab a dubious food-fair dinner, then look at the electronics, we’d buy some books; and maybe some DVDs. I would ogle the laptops and game systems. We didn’t have a lot of spare money, so there were so many things we wanted that we didn’t have. We pressed our faces to the glass and held back our desire like an itch we refused to scratch.
I am really tired of being fat.
By Tuesday of last week, I blew a gasket, fat-wise. I couldn't stand it and I couldn't stand that everyone was losing weight. Everyone but me. I stopped eating. I knew it wasn't a permanent fix, but it was a short term response to my situation. I have restarted eating and I have a plan for how to achieve the weight I want.
I have been in some state of a diet for years. Don’t eat, watch that. Careful. You sure you want to eat that. Remember Apollo 13? Remember when they stuff Gary Sinise into the simulator to work out the re-entry procedure in such a way that it doesn’t go over its voltage? That’s me, but instead, I’m doing the math on my calories, vitamins, fat, carbs and proteins.
I'm a big fat ass. This year I've devoted myself to do something about it. What is "something?"

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